Looking for a great Seattle Dentist Recommendation?  The best? seattle dentist

You will find him in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood!  Dr. Wagner is amazing – you will find him in Tangle Town – a great portion of Green Lake in Seattle.

2211 N 56th St Seattle, WA 98103-6203 (206) 632-1313

Looking for a Seattle Dentist that does good work and won’t terrify your children?

Here you go!  My toddler loves him and so does the rest of the family!  We have been getting our teeth cared for by Dr. Wagner for over ten years now and thank our lucky stars every day that we found him.

seattle dentistI admit I was a dental anxiety freak….

Prior to being recommended to Dr. Wagner by three separate friends, I was terrified of the dentist.  He is so gentle that even when I do have a cavity, I can not feel any pain.  He is a genius at numbing my mouth and there is no longer dental anxiety in my house!

I highly recommend you go visit Dr. Wagner – just a small one man shop, but full of care and diligence!

Green Lake in Seattle is already a great place to live, but having Dr. Wagner here just makes it that much better (There are some great Green Lake homes right around the corner, too!)!