Let’s Meet In The Middle

Low ball offers.  Yes they are out there.  Using your best judgment (or your Realtor’s) can be determined on many factors.  How long has it been on the market?  Is it a short sale, bank owned, or a genuine seller who has (gulp) equity?  What are the other neighborhood comparables selling for?  Did the seller already buy another home?  The list goes on.  Calculations galore go into establishing the list price by the listing agent from the get-go (one would assume).  

Green Lake's neighbor, Wallingford!

Imagine for a second you’ve been cruising around the Cooper Jacobs website for Green Lake homes listed between $500,000 and $550,000 because that’s what you’ve been pre-qualified for.  You see it!  This classic bungalow priced at $535,000 competitively with the type of floor plan and neighborhood you desire…just needs a little tweaking here and there.  60 days on the market with no price drop yet.  What price do you offer?  You know you want it but you also want a good deal and don’t want to buy into dropping values. 

This is the moment I usually ask the buyer “how much do you want it?”.  We both know he can afford it.  It’s $15,000 under his top range.  There does need a little work to be done to the place.  How do you reason what’s low and too low?

You would think the seller has priced his home aggressively competitive.  He still knows he’ll have to negotiate a little on price – plus don’t forget he has selling expenses that can shave off his net proceeds. 

Buyer goes in low – close to be offending.  Seller counters because – hey there aren’t any other offers, why not?  Buyer comes back and they meet in the middle!    Okay, in a perfect world that would be great and sometimes it works! 

Look, not every home for sale is going to sell 10…or 15% below list price.  There are plenty of homes that are selling at near full price.  Just be ready to meet in the middle if needbe and let’s try to sustain our home values at the same time.

By the way, the buyer put in an offer for $520,000 and they both signed off on $528,000.  

More real estate questions for Green Lake, Phinneywood, Lake Union floating homes and more will be happily answered!    molly@cooperjacobs.com

Fall Curb Appeal

Have you ever sold a house and drive by occassionally to see any improvements or in some cases un-improvements?  I have.  But don’t tell anyone.  The importance of curb appeal has an entirely new name, doesn’t it?  So we’re heading into Fall and saying bye-bye to all those lush annual flowers and greenery highlights.  What’s the best alternative to keep the curb appeal spectacular? 

FIRST make sure you pull out all those old annuals first and consider replacing them with some seasonal mums.  A Japanese Maple is always a winner – a little pricer but has the wow factor you’ll want. 

  • Is your GRASS looking like a tired spotted brown mess?  It’s not too late to sprinkle some soil on the exsisting grass, rake, add grass seed, and water. 
  • RAKE those leaves, SWEEP sidewalks and front porches.
  • Make your front door the focal point by adding a wrapped wreath in vibrant Fall colors and leaves.
  • Clean the GUTTERS – something to do even if you’re NOT selling your house. 

    Days are getting shorter so put a few more exterior LIGHTS around the walkways and always have a porch light on!

Save the Scarecrows and FAKE BATS while your house is on the market this Fall.  Keep it simple by adding tasteful spots of color and a clean yard.

Lush Fall colors are spectacular in the Pacific Northwest!  Walk around Green Lake and you’ll find waves of bright yellow, burnt orange, and copper brown.  I love seeing the little kiddos picking up GIGANTIC maple leaves larger than their sweet little faces.  The air is crisp and the coffee is warm.  

So let’s sell that house!