• Last Chance For Free Trees!

    Last Chance For Free Trees!
    There is no denying curb appeal brings in the buyers when you’re selling a house.  Beautiful lush trees, interesting curvy branches, vibrant colors spots sprinkled into your landscape is just what can bring more foot traffic, web hits, and buyers to take notice of your home for sale.  
    Here’s your chance to get Free Trees! 
    Seattle reLeaf and Cascade Land Conservancy is offering a chance for you to grab not one but 4 free trees by Monday October 24th!  Don’t wait another second – you would be crazy to pass up this opportunity.
    Thanks to Andrea Mojzak, a Green Cities Project Associate, for getting in touch with Green Lake Loop and wanting to spread the news about this amazing project.
    You can select from four different varieties of trees available, while supplies last of course.  And I quote from Andrea:
    1)  Lewis and Clark thought that Western red cedars were amazing enough to be called the “trees of life” -arbor vitae. Plant one in your backyard and you’ll be on your way to helping our cities be full of life.

    2)  The gorgeous Deodar cedar is native to the Himalayan region, but grows wonderfully in the Pacific Northwest. It has a long history in India, where its Hindu name means “revered tree.”

    3)   The tupelo tree is a great medium-sized tree for a yard that is looking for some brilliant leaf coloring.  Tupelo leaves are a dark glossy green in the spring and summer and  turn bright colors- mostly red, but some yellow just as the gray skies come rolling in.  Tupelo is used in the south to make the famous “Tupelo honey.”

    4)  Shore pines are quite the opposite of the straight and orderly pine you might imagine. As its scientific name, Pinus contorta ssp. Contorta, suggests, it can grow crooked branches – an attractive addition to your backyard.

    Want more information? http://seattle.gov/trees/treesforneighborhoods.htm

    Or contact Andrea directly at 206-905-6920 directandream@cascadeland.org

    Thanks for keeping Seattle clean and green!

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