• Seattle 2035 Green Lake Urban Village Plan

    Seattle 2035  – Green Lake Urban Village Plan

    seattle 2035Officially in the Seattle 2035 plan, it is the “Green Lake / Roosevelt Residential Urban Village”.

    I actually always get excited about growth management and Seattle has an incredibly innovative and smart approach to growth.  Why do we need another comprehensive plan for Seattle?  The last urban growth focused plan we had was in 1994 and it was a very forward thinking idea of Urban Villages.  We need to update that plan for the new century.   Simply put, our “little” city of Seattle is growing – a lot.   Our housing is tight – both in rental and sales.  Green Lake real estate is a perfect example of just how tight the housing market is.

    According to all signs and statistics, we are growing fast: “By 2035, Seattle will gain thousands of new people and jobs, and become more diverse than ever before. How Seattle grows over the next 20 years will have a lasting effect on the environment, quality of life, and economy. Our Comprehensive Plan will guide how we grow, and covers things like housing, land use, transportation, environment, utilities, capital facilities, parks, and neighborhoods.”

    Characteristics of an Urban Village In Green Lake

    There are additional ones to consider, but these are the main characteristics of an urban village which should be considered for Green Lake – most of which are in place already:

    1. Many different choices for housing types – Green Lake apartments, Green Lake condos, townhomes , Green Lake homes are all included in this consideration
    2. Mixed Use
    3. Transit that is both frequent and reliable with many different choices in routes if possible
    4. Walkable – trails, plus close to all amenities and transit
    5. Bikable – safety considerations and green bikeways are a plus
    6. Entertainment options, restaurants, shopping, more
    7. Close by services for as many needs as possible
    8. There should be parks and open spaces

    According to the Seattle 2035 official city of Seattle site, the 2035 Seattle Urban Village plan will accomplish the following:

    Seattle’s Urban Village Strategy manages growth within our city by promoting a development pattern that:

    • Anticipates and plans for growth in existing mixed-use areas
    • Contributes to the vibrancy of neighborhood business districts
    • Makes efficient use of past and future City investments in transit, parks, utilities, community centers and other infrastructure
    • Minimizes impacts on single-family areas
    • Reduces our dependence on cars”

    Green Lake Urban Village plan up close:

    The solid black line on the map of Green Lake is designated as ” Hub/Residential Urban Village”.  The dotted black line is designated as “Potential Urban Village Expansion”.

    View the full PDF of the Green Lake – Roosevelt Urban Village map for Seattle 2035 here:


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