October 2010 Real Estate: Green Lake vs Wallingford

October 2010 Real Estate: Green Lake vs Wallingford

Green Lake vs Wallingford  

I was curious how many homes sold just for the month of October 2010 in Green vs Wallingford

Let’s not beat around the bush:  The Winner with 23 homes and/or condos sold:  Green Lake wins, hands down.  Wally’s 6 solds in October 2010 is a distant second.  Why?  For one reason (being a resident of Green Lake for over 15 years), it’s a bigger area.  Another reason?  The price tag is just a tad bit higher in Wallingford. Although with the way rates are going, it has definitely caused increase lending in both purchases and refinances. 

Home SOLD prices in Green Lake look like this:  64 days on the market (not too bad for combining 23 listings including condos and towhomes!) and averaging about $10,000 less than list price, settling at $469,700.  That’s about $240.00 per square foot for a 1,980 square foot house.   

How does Wallingford shape up in comparison?  Less homes sold, yes, but the median price for these homes (and only two condos) were higher at $490,000  Sellers, on average, received about $18,000 less than asking price.  Again, this is another great example of how real estate is a moving target.  With the average days on the market much longer than Green Lake homes at 235 days in Wallingford, sellers are holding out a little more in Wallyhood because they can.  Smaller geographical area means the traditional supply and demand theory wins.  Surprisingly, sold homes in Wallingford averaged a little smaller than Green Lake at 1,740 average square footage or $279.00 per square foot. 

We hope this information finds your inquiry about October 2010 Real Estate Green Lake vs Wallingford worthy and helpful.

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Tangletown Real Estate

Looking to buy some Tangletown Real Estate?  Is it a wise purchase?  What kind of neighborhood life is Tangletown?  What about the schools?

Tangletown Home

Geographically, Tangletown is nestled between south Green Lake and north Wallingford.  Living here you can still take advantage of Green Lake’s paddle boats and basketball courts while walking to Wallingford for a glass of wine and live music.  But Tangletown has its own main drag (North 56th Street) you don’t want to miss!  Get an updo at Beehive Salon then walk across the street to grab one of many hotdog selections at Diggity Dog Hot Dog & Sausage stand and wash it down with a brew at the local Elysian Brewing Company ~ just kiddy corner from Might O Donuts.

Tangletown is probably most proud of ZokaZoka is a super cool cafe which roasts its own coffee beans, has delicious pastries and lot of seating for those important meetings with your wedding planner or hunkering down to write that mid term paper for school.

Because of the quaint parameters of Tangletown‘s borders, it has seen average solds for the last six months.  13 solds to be exact.   $214,000 buys you a 500 square foot studio or an expansive $1,280,000 beautiful home with over 3,000 square feet of living space.  So the average days on the market are only 24 days from these sold properties and the average price is around $564,000.  This is just under the FHA loan limit of $567,500.  Believe me, a minimum downpayment of 3.0% is worth buying a home in Tangletown.

The schools are amazing!  Let’s start with daycare and pre-kindergarden.  Green Lake Day Care and Preschool, managed by Anne Kelly, is a safe place you can trust.  Located at 63rd and Green Lake, it has three separate rooms for the Poohbears, Piglets, and Tiggers in a huge brick church.  My daugther went there from 1 year old as a Poohbear and graduated at age 5 as a Tigger.  She’s seven now and STILL talks about her teachers from Green Lake Day Care and Preschool.

The Elementary school will be McDonald in 2012 after a complete facelift but for now, it’s Lincoln Elementary.  Middle School is going to be Hamilton, and Roosevelt for high school.  I recommend going to the Seattle Public Schools Website for more detailed information.

Tangletown has some charming homes on the market right now!  There are 10 single family homes and 1 condo for sale in Tangletown.  Find more at Cooper Jacobs Real Estate.


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