Green Lake Activity for August 2014

A Sample of Green Lake

Classic Green Lake home. Sold by Molly Cartwright in 2012

Green Lake Activity for August 2014

How’s the real estate market in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Seattle?

 Centrally located Green Lake has been a long time favorite area for many buyers and sellers.  Buyers get a classic craftsman style home with original character and charm from the early 1900’s and sellers have been busy for the past 30 days.

With 31 Green Lake homes selling in the month of August, the median Green Lake home value hovers around $592,500 or roughly $333.00 per square foot.

A look from last August 2013, there were 13 less Green Lake properties sold this August but the median price increased by 8.14%.

Here’s a snap shot of what has sold for the month of August 2014:

30 Day Closings in Green Lake









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I’ve been specializing in Green Lake and the surrounding Seattle neighborhoods (Wallingford, Phinney Ridge, Ravenna, Greenwood, and Fremont) since 2001.  Are you curious what your Seattle home is worth in today’s market?

Give me a call and let’s find out.  Are you a buyer who craves the quality of life these neighborhoods can offer?  I look forward to talking to you too.


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Green Lake Home Owner Alert: Tactics & Techniques Required

green lake real estate

Green Lake Home Owner Selling Tips: If you are thinking about moving right now, there are some different approaches you need to take to be successful. We have a list of qualified Green Lake buyers waiting for the right house to come on the market. You won't have any trouble selling your house. No one can argue that fact right now.

Inventory is low and it is common to have multiple offers numbering in the teens.

The issue is making sure you take full advantage of the the situation by maximizing the terms to your benefit.

Some of the considerations

  • Where are you planning on moving and what are the market conditions there? If you plan on purchasing a Seattle home in Green Lake or another hot neighborhood, then you should be well prepared for making a competitive offer. Many people like to sell before moving, but in today's market if you have the ability at all to purchase and then sell your Green Lake home, then you have a safety net of making sure you secure your new home before you sell your current one.

green lake homes for sale

  • Pricing: We can get you far more money then you probably imagined for your home. That is just the reality of the situation right now. Let us know what your timeline is and we can give you a better idea of price as well as provide you with a detailed market analysis to show you what is going on on a day to day basis. Real estate changes daily and it is important to rely on an expert on the street.

Inspections, Preinspections, disclosures. Be prepared for buyers to preinspect your home before making an offer. This is so they can safely waive their inspection and offer you a stronger contract. Many buyers are also just waiving the inspection without preinspecting. In addition to a traditional structural inspection, many buyers are having a sewer scope performed on homes they are putting offers in on. Be prepared to possibly disclose newly discovered information about your home as a result of things that could come up in negotiations if you accept an offer subject to inspection. Choosing an offer that has either completely waived the inspection or has waived it based on a preinspection protects you from the possibility of having to disclose additional information you may not otherwise have knowledge of.

There are more things to consider. I am happy to sit down with you and discuss your particular situation to help you gain the biggest return on your hard earned investment.

Green Lake is a wonderful Seattle neighborhood – if you are interested in Green Lake homes for sale, please let us know what we can do for you. We have excellent Green Lake listing agents and also some of the very best Green Lake Realtors for buyers.


Green Lake Inventory of Active Homes

Green Lake Inventory of Active Homes

Let’s take a look at the 30 active Green Lake homes right now on the market.  Inventory is tighter now than it was a year ago.  In fact 53.3% less homes are on the market today than October 2011. 

Searching the entire database of active homes in Green Lake, I found just three condos and the rest were single family homes.  The lowest price being $189,000 and the highest of $1.25M brings the median price in Green Lake to $449,600.

I generally like to price homes by cost per square foot.  By doing so the average cost per square foot is around $252.00.

Here is a snapshot of the 30 active Green Lake homes:

More photos and details on these active Green Lake listings can be found at our information rich website or
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Backyard Cottages in Seattle

I wrote a blog earlier about Backyard Cottages in Seattle or Detatched Dwelling Units.  Since then, I’ve had numerous questions about them. 

Whether you are considering a Backyard Cottage on your at least 4,000 square foot lot as a rental property, for an elderly family member, or a grown child you need to know the max square footage the structure can be is 800 sq ft.  This includes any carport, attached garage, or storage. 

You can decide to go through a contractor and architect or get a panelized or modular fabricated design.  Fabricated is the fastest, and designed much like building blocks.  Panelized takes a little more time and can be more customized.  

It’s no secret adding a Backyard Cottage on your property can add extra monthly income.  However there are some costs involved.  Here is a link to a handy worksheet that breaks down Hard Costs and Soft Costs.  Example of a Hard Cost is demolition or site preparation.  A Soft Cost is a mortgage, or fees for utility hookups.  Which aren’t cheap, by the way!  Seattle City Light  recommends separate electricity meters.  This will save you way more money in the long run.

Make sure you save room for a parking space for your Backyard Cottage – this is a requirement!

For more information regarding Backyard Cottages and self help steps to diagrams, permits, and more – this site wins, hands down.

Check back frequently to for our Backyard Cottage listings in Seattle City Limits.

Seattle Reaches 69 Degrees (Summer Arrives Early?)

Seattle reached 69 degrees today. Translation:  Hookey-time.  You’d think it was Orange County or something.  Dozens of Seattlelites streamed to Seattle’s ever popular Green Lake neighborhood on foot, bike, car, and Vespas to take in the warm temps today.  Duke’s Chowder House, sitting right atop the crowded north end of the lake, was busy serving bloody marys and fish and chips all day on their outdoor patio.

I, too, was one of the many who bravely wore shorts and flip flops but not before slathering on SPF 30.

Summer officially begins on June 21rst but days like these in Seattle makes you appreciate the natural beauty encompassing us all the time.  It just takes a sunny day with no rain to really see it sometimes.

Green Lake is not the only neighborhood flooding with folks getting a workout while getting a tan. But I have to tell you, it’s the best people watching you’ll ever see.  Roller skaters (yes skaters) practice their routines (or whatever you call them) near the community center.  Boombox playing with 80’s tunes of course.  Inline skaters, stroller-city, dog walking galore, volleyball games, pick up basketball, fishermen trying to hook, line, and sink it….oh the list goes on.

Experiencing Green Lake makes you stay in Green Lake. 78 active Green Lake real estate mls listings (not including Green Lake condos and towhomes) right now.  Green Lake is one of the best communities in Seattle with great schools, friendly baristas, beautiful Northwest scenery, the local bathhouse theater, and one of a kind century old craftsman homes to townhomes that make you feel as though you were in Whistler.  Let us know if you want to see any Green Lake homes for sale or want more info about this Seattle neighborhood!

Good Housekeeping: Five Points To A Sale On Your Green Lake Home

Good Housekeeping: 5 Points To A Sale of your Green Lake Home

We have seen a lot of Green Lake homes sales in the Seattle MLS through the years and the homes that always sell faster and for money have one thing in common in most cases.  They all follow the seller tip guidelines below.  We thought we would go ahead and share them with you in case you are thinking about selling your Green Lake home.

The goal is to sell your Green Lake (Greenlake) house as quickly and as profitably as possible. To do that sellers need to Stage the home – not just have it Staged professionally, but all the items that go along with that.  Here are four-steps designed to maximize the value of your house:

  1. De-cluttering Tips
  2. Repairing Tips
  3. Cleaning Tips
  4. Revitalizing Tips
  5. Showing Tips

De-cluttering Tips

Make four distinct piles: Trash, Return, Donate, and Might Need.

It would be overwhelming if you tackled the whole house at once. Delegate the work to other family members accordingly and go at it. Put checkmarks next to each completed room. It’s important to know you’re making progress. Golden Rule – Consider hiring a garbage collection agency or rent a commercial garbage bin if you have a lot to throw away.

Repairing Tips

Green Lake Buyers expect a trouble-free home. They want to buy a house, move in and start enjoying it right away. They don’t want to waste time and money fixing up the place. If you don’t repair your house now, it will be seen as a fixer-upper and you will not be able to attract the right kind of buyers, nor will you get the price you want for it.

Know whether you need a pre-listing home inspection and understand the difference between repair and renovation can save you money and headaches. Golden Rule – Repair cracks in the foundation immediately.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your house for sale goes well beyond dusting, mopping and vacuuming. You must clean it like you mean it. You must minutely examine every square inch of your house and restore it to near-new condition. An advantage of a well-cared-for house is that you’re less likely to receive a low offer. When buyers can’t find faults they focus less on how much money they can squeeze out of you and start thinking that the house is right for them. If you don’t have the time to clean then you should hire a professional. It’s a smart investment. Golden Rule – Clean the area around your fireplace and then the fireplace itself.

Revitalizing Tips

Revitalizing is not remodeling, which is usually expensive and delays the selling of your house. Revitalizing starts with improving your curb appeal, follow up with lighting, and painting. Only then can you start staging your house for sale.  Golden Rule – Home Office: Move your filing cabinet into the basement.

Showing Tips:

You’ll need to dust the undisturbed rooms once in a while but you can see how this strategy ensures your house is always ready for showing with minimal efforts. For the rest of the living space create three to-do lists:

  • A weekly must-do checklist
  • A daily must-do checklist
  • A final checklist before the open house

Golden Rule – Put away personal valuables. Turn off your computer.

Full service Green Lake Realtors help with all of the above.

Often we are asked to go through a Green Lake home and give the seller a check list of some of the items above.  We also usually hire a Stager and a housecleaner on your behalf.  Selling Green Lake real estate requires knowing what Green Lake buyers want. Curious what YOUR Green Lake home value is and what’s been selling in the neighborhood?

Contact us and we can help or at least answer any questions you might have.